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727 Marketing focuses on strategies that assist clients in the areas of
visibility and profitability.

Latest Success Story

We had the opportunity to completely (Re) Brand an extremely multi talented client by the name of Nina. The initial problem that we set out to solve was how to showcase all the businesses that she offers into a clean and concise matter. So we developed the entity of NINA the XTREME ENTREPRENEUR.  The strategic solutions we provided were: updated website (, (Re)development of logos for each business, one page advertisement that simplifies and explains each business. Nina now has an identifiable brand that has been streamlined for success!



As the founder of G.EM.S. girls mentoring group I was looking for a logo designer. I was introduce to 727 Marketing by a friend. 727 Marketing left me speechless. They took time to listen to what I wanted and worked with me to bring the logo to life. I would definitely recommend 727 Marketing to all who are looking for logos, business cards, flyers, and marketing needs because they take the time to care, listen, and bring your vision to life. 

Yolanda Brown
G.E.M.S. Founder

Nina Motivates/ Nina Boo Sweets

727 Marketing is a top notch Marketing and Design company. I have used Mr. Robinson for all my book covers, flyers, logos and all marketing materials. He has not only been timely, but have turned my dreams into reality. I highly recommend 727. If you want someone to go above and beyond, you’ve found the right company! 

Nina “The Xtreme Entrepreneur”

Soulfully Smooth

727 Marketing has helped to make the vision that God gave for my business (SoulFULLy Smooth) come to life. Shawn Robinson tapped into his creativity and truly made our uniqueness pop! Everything from letterhead, menu layouts, labels, and logo designs, 727 has not let me down. If you are looking for a professional and efficient company to help your dreams come true 727 is the company for you! 

Chef Lauren Ashley, Soulfully Smooth