We as believers are to move in excellence. Does your marketing represent the soul of the ministry? What does your church advertisement, programs, logos and overall marketing materials visually say about your ministry?

727 Marketing strives to build cohesiveness and harmony between all of its client’s marketing, from the logo, business card to the smallest label. We take a strategic approach upon meeting with the client to learn the ministry/business. We offer the opportunity to find out what the ministry/business truly needs and what will appeal to their intended market. Marketing materials should not only inform, but capture the interest and ultimately cause the target audience to inquire more about the ministry/business.

For years organizations hired just a person that could make flyers and logos, now is the time to operate in the spirit of excellence. We are in the business of saving souls and driving men and women unto God. God granted the vision, now it’s time to make it plain.

We offer logos, advertisements, stationary, banners and brochures/programs etc. We specialize in custom solutions tailored to the ministry/business. There are standard packages available, but the objective is to fit the marketing to the business.

727Marketing was a game changer for PIPES Ministries. We knew we needed to take it to the next level. Shawn Robinson made that possible through consultations and patience. Our branding is clean and clear because of 727 Marketing and Shawn’s passion for purpose. I highly recommend and trust this company. Oh, it was also affordable for a growing ministry.