Beyond the clock, an entrepreneur’s guide to sanity


  • Introduction
  • Decide to do what you love … So you want to start a business using the talents that God has birth inside you and your tired of your regular 9 to 5 and before you go off on your supervisor you want to make sure that you have something lined up.
  • Branding and Marketing, what’s the difference?
  • Research … “Nothing beats a Try but a Fail”
  • Is customer service really that important?
  • Outro

Yo, I’m Shawn and I wrote this book to assist potential and current entrepreneurs to not make the same mistakes I did. The goal is that after you read this book, you will take an honest look at your business make the adjusts that is needed to be successful. I just want you to think! I want you to love what you do! Owning a business can be frustrating, especially when you’ve tried what you feel is everything and aren’t receiving the results you worked so hard for. We will cover things that must books won’t. We will take a long stare in the mirror when it comes to examining our businesses. 


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