Are you hitting the MARK!

Does this look like what you’ve been doing when it comes to your market efforts? Trying a bunch of non specific ads and not hitting the target. Which then leads to exhausting resources, time and money. When we market, the biggest thing we pay attention to is effectiveness. Are we hitting the mark? We want to always think about who our audience is, what they need from us and what drives their interest. Knowing your client is everything! The more information/research you can gather on the front end, the less pain and more success you’ll have in the end.   

So you want a LOGO! Cool!

This is an exciting part of developing your brand. Your logo is the mark/symbol that will define the look and flow of your brand. But where do you start?

When I usually meet with a client about establishing their brand, there’s always feelings of excitement and nervousness. Very few know exactly what they want, that’s why it’s always good to partner with a designer. The right designer is able grab you by the hand and walk you through the process. There are a lot of options when developing a logo, there are do it yourself apps, there are websites that allow you to partner with with a someone and you never have to meet in person or you can partner with an experienced designer that will again take you step by step.

The logo is the heart and soul of your branding. It’s a key component to the overall process. Here are a couple of questions to think about when developing a logo:

What image (s) represents your business (animal, symbol, shape)?
What industry are you in and what does your competition’s branding look like? Are there certain marks that should be represented based off the industry your in?
What colors would you like represented (traditional logos contain 2 to 3 colors)? Colors play a huge part and invoke feelings and emotions. Pick wisely!
What will your logo be used for and placed on?

These questions are also important because they deal in the realm of cost efficiency. A good logo should always be able to be converted from full color, gradient and black and white.

Happy Branding,
Shawn E. Robinson, Creative Director

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Research, Research and Research

We now know Branding is about a feeling and defines the identity of a business/person. With that being said, what feeling does your brand present to your consumer? Who are you appealing too? How can you make your client’s life easier or more enjoyable? Before you begin designing logos or flyers, you want to really do your research in order to understand how to target that specific demographic. You created your business not just because it’s your dream, not just to make money, but hopefully to serve people. The research you gather at the beginning will yield less stress and greater results. 

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Branding vs. Marketing

You decided to use your God given gifts/talents to produce something that someone else can utilize and potentially change their life, that is AMAZING! This is an exciting adventure, but it’s filled with peaks and valleys. Enjoy the journey! 727 is here to provide guidance in all areas of Marketing.

What is (Re)Branding?

This page is an opportunity to educate. Knowledge is the greatest gift that we can receive and share. We parish from a lack of knowledge, so in all our getting, lets get understanding. That’s what this page represents. Let’s begin with the basics, Branding vs Marketing!

Branding speaks to what people think about your business. It’s a feeling! It’s not just a logo or website. Branding is a complete overview of how individuals perceive your business. We live in an ever-changing world. As business owners you represent your brand. Your job is to ensure the client believes you are the best. 

Marketing speaks to how your “brand” is delivered to the consumer. It’s a conversation! It’s how we position ourselves to the consumer and gain their confidence. It comes down to understanding your consumer and how they purchase. How will your product or service bring elevation to their lives?

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